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April 16, 2014

"The ways in which Jones’ identity as a black trans woman and sex workers’ activist inform her arrest can’t be ignored. Much like CeCe McDonald’s arrest was impacted by racism and transmisogyny, Jones’ arrest is impossible to separate from her race, gender, trans status, and public activism around sex work. TransAdvocate points out that trans women are already disproportionate recipients of police scrutiny, and trans status can intersect with racial profiling to make police interactions particularly fraught and dangerous. What research there is on the interactions between trans women of color and police tells us that police intimidation is a constant reality, even without a legitimate basis for arrest. If anything about the situation can be interpreted to relate to sex work, the odds are that much worse."

Monica Jones Found Guilty of “Manifesting Prostitution,” Will Be “Rescued” from Sex Work by Incarceration | Autostraddle (via gadaboutgreen)

(Source: gaywrites)

April 15, 2014



you decide how you define your gender and sexual and romantic orientations

you decide which pronouns are right for you

you decide how to present yourself and what to do with your own body

you decide the terms of your relationships with other people and reserve the right to cut them off if they are harmful or invalidating

you decide how you relate to your identities on any given day because these things aren’t always unmalleable

you decide your comfort zone, you decide your limits, you decide how you do you

and forget anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, for real.